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Who We Are

The founder of Therapy In Motion recognized that the natural enviroment provided the children that she worked with the greatest opportunity for success.  Her experience showed that the comfort level of the child at school, camp, and home far exceeded that of an office environment.  In addition, therapy provided in a natural environment provided the opportunity for therapists to intimately engage with parents, teachers and other caregivers.  The carry over of care provided by those actively engaged in their child's life is an integral part of their success.  The more involved the caregivers become, the morelikely the child is to reach their full potential. 

Since 1998 the team at Therapy In Motion has succesfully developed a team oriented approach built on active participation of the child and involvement of their caregivers to ensure carryover and greater success within all settings. 

Career Opportunities

​If you are seeking an opportunity to become an active participant in children's long term success, please send your resume to  We are currently looking for Occupational Therapists in Palm Beach County and the surrounding areas.